How Do You Cope

October 25, 2014

How Do You Cope
image credit:alicepopkorn

How do you cope in a world gone mad
Rhetoric runs deep in ancestral memories
DNA stores ancient megabytes
Innocent children living terrible atrocities
Reality blurs in the shade of abhorrence
Trust teeters off a marginal trajectory
Beliefs incubated in this sordid world-view
Release an abomination on civilization

How do you cope in a world gone mad
Rage times helplessness equals mass upheaval
Victims of hurt registered in cellular memories
Perpetrator or victim we play the same old same old
I hurt so you must hurt
How do we jump off this merry-go-round
Create new beliefs of loving-kindness
Compassionate understanding offers hope of redemption

The script written by our warring ancestors is tiresome
Angry voices within motivate us to conquer and divide
Listen for the still voice of blessing and hope
It is there waiting for humanity’s moment of clarity
When love prevails over all misunderstandings
When peace is treasured beyond material wealth
Where difference is met with ultimate co-existence
Then light will shine burning bright like the stars at night
How do you cope in a world gone mad

It Is All About Me

August 21, 2014

image credit:alicepopkorn

Peering out of the port-hole of my encumbrances
A wreckage of flotsam crash upon the stormy sea
While I rant at the perpetrators of this devastation
My own leaky ship is going down
Down into the depths of the murky bleak
It is all about me

Dogs haggle over a bone
The peace-maker of the pack intervenes
In the ancient forests
Giant trees compete growing taller and weaker
Jostling to reach up for the light
Below the under-brush spread content
Living gently in the tranquil glade

Nature reflects the instinct for survival
Fear and greed protects the species
Humans too follow these primal needs
We think we have evolved
History repeats itself
The carnage continues to mock our insulted pride

On this healing journey to awareness
Will there ever be peace
When in my own relationships
I struggle with my preference to be right
To control my world by judging
I fight not wanting to be a victim
To protect those I love
I am afraid of being helpless
I worry about having enough

Am I that different from warring nations
Where ancient grievances percolate incessantly
Am I not partnering with reckless corporations
Exploiting my bottomless greed for more
Am I any better than the assassin on the street
Executing that which frightens me
A shift in my perception
From fear to love
Is it that simple
Am I willing to make the leap
It is all about me

Better than that

June 19, 2014

Better Than Thatimage credit:alicepopkorn

You saw in me the mark of a greater potential
Arranged for me to enter competitions to test my mettle
I tried on each mould for the making of a success
The jagged edges cut into the fabric of my soul
Later I wonder about wasted opportunities
Am I fulfilling my destiny
If I was meant to be doing that
My life would lead in that direction
These words I cherish they remind me
Each one of us is a bright light
Guiding while being guided
I know I am doing the best I can
That I am sometimes afraid
I want to be safe
In my weakness I hurt you
Yet I am shown that this world is full of mystery
Walking down a country-road in the dark of night
Slipping through a curtain of iridescent lights
Seeing clearly with these human eyes
In the liminal silence this reality is not so real
This I know
You want me to see you
You want me to hear you
You want me to understand who you are
I accept this as the greatest purpose of my life
To be here
You cannot ask of me anything
Better than that


From Beneath A Broken Wing

April 24, 2014

image credit:alicepopkorn

Flying under the radar of my awareness
Muffled voices are calling
Three weeks confined by a broken arm
A brick thrown at my head
Wake up!
My attention is drawn within
What messenger is wanting my attention
Sheltered beneath a broken wing
Oh I have seen you before
A visitor from times past
In my dreams you show me
Some forms of giving are dangerous
The tiger leaps at me when I feed the dog
Ancient images of nursing in the battlefield
Conflicted by demands to do what is helpful
Sometimes my doing hurts others
Remember everything has a purpose
Sometimes it does not serve to take away suffering
It will only be recreated
Until the lesson is understood
Excessive giving makes others a thief
When the cup is empty
This broken wing reminds me
Simply give space for life to be

Just Be

April 23, 2014

Just Be

Little chickadee perched on the cherry tree
Making merry calling out chicka-dee-dee
Hopping from branch to branch
Nuzzling frosty pink blossoms
Surely he knows what’s up
The wind blowing from the four corners
Must have told him
These are difficult times
Suffering reaches its sticky tentacles
Grasping fearfully in all directions
The trees whisper amongst themselves
Chickadee keeps on doing what he does best
Being a bird
A happy bird
There is my lesson for today
Just be who you are
Do what you came here for
Everything is impermanent
Except for love

Reflections Of A Pine Elder

February 8, 2014

A Pine tree
Far away in a nursery by the sea
Grandmother Pine tells her story
Reflecting on what could have been
There once was a maiden so lonely
A lovely sapling among many
She was named Pine appropriately

In a sylvan corner of the country
Chipmunks played hide and go seek
Gathering pine-cones for the week
Mournful Maiden Pine lost in a dream
When will my lover come for me
Whisk me away make me happy

Strolling through the woods
One momentous day as happened to be
His sober gait halted abruptly
A handsome young man gazed in awe
Enchanted by her singular beauty
He collected her carefully

Close to his heart she clung
Feeling a little giddy
A happy-go-lucky lady she will be
In a nursery overlooking the sea
In rows of pampered trees she lay pretty
Grown stunted self-contained in pottery

Her station secured
Happy in comfort aplenty
Pondering the newbies
Coddled to stifling extravagance
Primped in the ways of his fancy
Bent into shapes of whimsy

What once was so exciting now mundane
For her the blue jays seem to jeer
A feeling of emptiness of something amiss
She longed for the life she left behind
The carefree days in the woods
As nature has designed

She recalls the story as was told
A tiny seed grows into a mighty tree
A miracle known to her forebears of old
Within the heart of every seed
Lies the imprint of her destiny
A shining point of light a promise of what will be

A powerful force within
A witness to life unfold
A slender sprout to sturdy adult
Love in action
The will to become
A splendour to behold

Nature’s gifts:



January 16, 2014

This world is a cosmic play
Co-Creators of illusion
When chaos runs rampant
These troublesome events
We wish they would go away
We pray for a saviour
We are in spiritual crisis
Looking for divine intervention

Pray for illumination
Show us the effects of our actions
With unity awareness
Every moment we choose mindfully
We walk in beauty
A reality of separate consciousness
Perpetuates the need to run away
A self-inflicted suffering
Why not create with integrity

Being loved
Remembering love
How can we create a toxic world
Where profits prevail
Overruling justice
Landfills bursting with cast-offs
The promise of happiness
The cure for loneliness

No solutions outside of ourselves
We choose how we live
Contemplate who we are
Where we came from
Where we are going
What we are looking for
In the end we find only oneness
No Illusions of other

Come To The Meeting Place

January 5, 2014

image credit: alicepopkorn

Come to the meeting place
The Keepers beckon
Lay down your arms
Nothing to defend
Honour and glory long outmoded
The battle is now an inner one
A new paradigm shift
Come join in the dance
Compassion overshadows power grabbing
Selfish needs reach out to include all
Disdainful apathy blossom into loving-kindness
Lonesome fear merge into absolute Love
Enter the chambers of transformation
The red space awaits
Feel the earth beneath you
Stand on solid ground
Peek into the orange room
Listen to creation’s children
Urgent plea for existence
Rest awhile in the yellow room
Assimilate what you have seen
Nurture and succour for all
For in the green room
The Helpers will give a hand
Love is infinitely free
Echoes from the blue room
Ancient voices harmonize
Truth communicate clarity
Bathe in suffused indigo light
See everything perfect as it is
Shimmering violet rays radiate
Infinite peace
Eternal wisdom
Only One Consciousness
Bliss revealed

Project Life

December 30, 2013

project life
Onlookers watch with resignation
through a veil of mist
Chameleon figures with eyes closed
trudge around echoing chambers
in dazed consent
Wary of crisis looming
Perception is the trickster

A tender still voice interjects:
Life is a project
An exploration of suffering
Observe life’s progression
through the lens of
The Eight Helpers:
Right view
Right intention
Right speech
Right action
Right livelihood
Right effort
Right mindfulness
Right concentration

Every outcome a valuable support
A friend
A gateway that leads
To a fork on the freedom path…
Project Life
Freedom From Suffering

Perfection is what is
Freedom is acceptance
of Project Life
Freedom to choose
With enlightenment
With laughter
Life is all good

Ode To You

September 20, 2013

image credit: alicepopkorn

Tell me about you
Your mystical journeys
Your tireless feet of emerald clay
The well-shod in the marketplace
With their two-dimensional perspective
Cast a derisive glance in your direction

I recognise you
Your ambient smile
Walking amidst the frenzied crowds
Your stories offer a minute portal
Captured images of delicate moments
Windows into your multi-faceted existence

How can I share your eminence with others
When words fail to encompass your transcendence
How do I describe this mythic tale
Sleep-walkers in the world of logic
Shuffle along where everything is for sale

Living in liminal presence
Kaleidoscopic scenes evolve
Endless holographic images
Here we embrace it all
The beauty of existence
The rampant destruction of life
The pain of betrayals
The squeeze of suffering

Being gentle with it all
Reunite like a mother with her lost child
Reflections in the dream
You remind me
Lighten up!