A New Day

December 19, 2011

image credit:Miel Creasey

Standing at the threshold
Helpers usher the innocents
With waves of encouragement
Into the dawn of incarnation
Welcome to a new day!

Stepping into the crowds
Mingling amongst all who have been here
All who are to follow
Seeing with veiled eyes
Innocence turns into disappointment

As twilight descends
Wisdom’s child recalls
The words of the keepers:
All of this universe appears
As you in different forms

The one who is annoyed
The one who sees high and low
The one who grabs power
The one who laments loss
All are asking to return to love

All aspects of you
Discordant voices inside
Asking for loving kindness
Won’t you hold them close
And love anyway

Go softly within
See it all as illusion
No separation
Let the phantom egos play
Embrace the dance of consciousness


1 Alexys Fairfield 01.03.12 at 12:47 pm

Hi Miruh,

Such profound words. We are always at a threshold of some sort, whether it is mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually because we are evolving at every point.

May ever new day and threshold bring you the gifts of the universe.

Peace my friend. 😀

2 Marion 01.03.12 at 1:04 pm

Happy New Year, Miruh!!

How comforting your words are to me. “And love anyway”…that feels so good, and so much better than falling into a pit of anger, despair, etc. Lovely words to read as the New Year begins…xx

3 Miruh 01.04.12 at 9:08 pm

Hello Alexys,

I agree, if only we remember that every step takes us to the threshold of becoming, of unfolding the greatness of who we truly are, we would not hesitate to live life more fully.

Many blessings returned a thousand fold to you, Namaste!

4 Miruh 01.04.12 at 9:11 pm

Hello Marion,

Glad you find these words comforting. Everyday is a new day, another opportunity to love anyway.

And many blessings for a Happy New Year also to you and yours!

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