Better than that

June 19, 2014

Better Than Thatimage credit:alicepopkorn

You saw in me the mark of a greater potential
Arranged for me to enter competitions to test my mettle
I tried on each mould for the making of a success
The jagged edges cut into the fabric of my soul
Later I wonder about wasted opportunities
Am I fulfilling my destiny
If I was meant to be doing that
My life would lead in that direction
These words I cherish they remind me
Each one of us is a bright light
Guiding while being guided
I know I am doing the best I can
That I am sometimes afraid
I want to be safe
In my weakness I hurt you
Yet I am shown that this world is full of mystery
Walking down a country-road in the dark of night
Slipping through a curtain of iridescent lights
Seeing clearly with these human eyes
In the liminal silence this reality is not so real
This I know
You want me to see you
You want me to hear you
You want me to understand who you are
I accept this as the greatest purpose of my life
To be here
You cannot ask of me anything
Better than that