Come To The Meeting Place

January 5, 2014

image credit: alicepopkorn

Come to the meeting place
The Keepers beckon
Lay down your arms
Nothing to defend
Honour and glory long outmoded
The battle is now an inner one
A new paradigm shift
Come join in the dance
Compassion overshadows power grabbing
Selfish needs reach out to include all
Disdainful apathy blossom into loving-kindness
Lonesome fear merge into absolute Love
Enter the chambers of transformation
The red space awaits
Feel the earth beneath you
Stand on solid ground
Peek into the orange room
Listen to creation’s children
Urgent plea for existence
Rest awhile in the yellow room
Assimilate what you have seen
Nurture and succour for all
For in the green room
The Helpers will give a hand
Love is infinitely free
Echoes from the blue room
Ancient voices harmonize
Truth communicate clarity
Bathe in suffused indigo light
See everything perfect as it is
Shimmering violet rays radiate
Infinite peace
Eternal wisdom
Only One Consciousness
Bliss revealed