Everything Will Be Taken Away

February 26, 2012

Naive initiates listen with innocent minds
The words of the master percolate with meaning:
If I really told you what will happen to you
You will all run away
Everything will be taken away from you

An initiate no more
Watching the disenfranchised
I am not an observer
I focus on my truth
Everything will be taken away from you

You may feel abandoned in this world
All that you thought would be there for you
Your teacher tells you to find your own way
Who you thought a life-long friend is not
Everything will be taken away from you

Happiness pills to soothe the emotions
Curl up like a pill-bug until the danger passes
Hang on to the shoulders of the perpetrators of hurt
Look for handouts that never come
Everything will be taken away from you

All that will be left is YOU
Existence itself
The light of Consciousness itself
The Bliss of Love itself
Everything will be take away


1 Stacey 02.28.12 at 6:42 pm

Lately I have been reflecting on this experience called life. All that it entails, the journey that we take along its length. It is all such an interesting playground, and it is all a matter of looking through the veil to remember the limitless beings that we are.

2 Miruh 02.29.12 at 10:11 pm

Hello Stacey,

I agree, the remembering that we limitless beings is the only constant, all else is a play, the dance of consciousness that we enact and take to be so real. In the end it is all smoke and mirrors.

Thanks for stopping by Stacey. I have really been enjoying the beautiful pics that you and Bernie have been posting. Looks like you are having a great Winter!

3 mergingpoint 03.17.12 at 9:47 am

what a beautiful yet the most powerful insight Miruh!

The real Master truly removes everything until one is totally naked to truth! layers after layers…so compassionately removing them all..

loved the way it has flowed Miruh!!

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