From Beneath A Broken Wing

April 24, 2014

image credit:alicepopkorn

Flying under the radar of my awareness
Muffled voices are calling
Three weeks confined by a broken arm
A brick thrown at my head
Wake up!
My attention is drawn within
What messenger is wanting my attention
Sheltered beneath a broken wing
Oh I have seen you before
A visitor from times past
In my dreams you show me
Some forms of giving are dangerous
The tiger leaps at me when I feed the dog
Ancient images of nursing in the battlefield
Conflicted by demands to do what is helpful
Sometimes my doing hurts others
Remember everything has a purpose
Sometimes it does not serve to take away suffering
It will only be recreated
Until the lesson is understood
Excessive giving makes others a thief
When the cup is empty
This broken wing reminds me
Simply give space for life to be