From Where You Are

October 21, 2012

Image Credit:h.koppdelaney

I inhabit the cool spaces of my mind
Observing the silence where you speak
The language of souls who greet
The journey’s end so sweet

No longer will I hear your words
The exchange of little anecdotes
Seeds of wisdom you sowed
Sharing your passion for life

And yet you must have suffered
Fears of the messenger
The swift passage to the end
Behind your positive words
You showed no trace
The shadows
You had to face
Your young life to defend

From where you are
How is the view ?
Can you see Saturn’s rings?
Is the Mystery clear?

Forge ahead you said
Every misfortune brings a gift
To see life differently
To find the nugget of gold
In the making
Let life unfold
Whatever is lost
Is what you need to let go of

See your highest good
With your heart wide open
Enter the Silence
Your great work is done!

Written for my blogger friend who I never met, but inspired me deeply. RIP Alexys.