Get To No

October 3, 2012

image credit:alicepopkorn

Sweeping across the contours of my sleep
Dream-weaver woman drums her message:
One power unites all
Stay clear!
Illusion beckons at every turn:
Wear this mask
Believe this story
See low
Reach high
Wish for more…

Conflict arises
Myriad thoughts vying for attention
Choose me…me…me!
Every desire
Creates an action
Be Aware!
Get to NO
Know the one power
You are already That
Witness all that hides your power

Dream-weaver woman approaches:
And how did you allow
This rape of Earth?
…I tried to own it
It was too high a price to pay
The givers have gone away weary
The takers keep coming
Plundering Earth to her bones
Dream-weaver woman points to the West
Trust the Keepers to do the rest

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1 Bern 10.14.12 at 3:29 pm

I also see that the takers are grabbing and accumulating and warehousing and storing and hoarding out of fear. They have been taught to collect instead of to combine or to integrate or to go through communion. In each moment there is a potential marriage. People are ingrained with the false notion that there is one perfect person to wed. In higher Truth, everything that one encounters within the mind is a potential celebration for the perfect union. There is something Here in every Moment to receive, but it is not being accepted. Energy is being backlogged and its light is turning gray and getting lost in the shadows. The energy then orbits one’s being instead of its message and inner contents being absorbed. People often then memorize and hold hostage information, instead of knowing something by heart. Intellectuals then live in a cloud of unprocessed facts. This then is the the matrix or the grid created by that which is accumulated by the mind. It is spirit then that is caught in the web. Freedom then is retained off the grid with self sustainability. But like any thing that triggers our awareness that something is there to our liking or disliking, it becomes the opportunity to reach out and draw it back home by taking each and every encounter, whether physical or non-physical back into the heart….. which is the true gateway to our home. It is the soul catcher then that gives spirit its freedom in the lower dimensions.

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