Happy Flowers

April 11, 2012

image credit: alicepopkorn

The story of us was written long ago
When stardust swirled onto innocent terrain
I took a chance
A solitary soul
In your presence
My heart grew strong
Today I bring you happy flowers
In celebration of our life

Over turbulent seas
We sailed
Stronger than ever
Two solitary souls
Would come to know

Together and alone
The pulse of love
Throbs as our existence
The light of love
Shines within us
The bliss of love
Radiates through us

I give thanks for this gift
To know life through love
In this world of choice
The shadows we bring to light
Of treasures we unfurl from within
Reflections of love
The courage to show
The face of light and love

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1 Diana Wood 04.18.12 at 3:12 pm

What a beautiful way to celebrate life!

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