How Do You Cope

October 25, 2014

How Do You Cope
image credit:alicepopkorn

How do you cope in a world gone mad
Rhetoric runs deep in ancestral memories
DNA stores ancient megabytes
Innocent children living terrible atrocities
Reality blurs in the shade of abhorrence
Trust teeters off a marginal trajectory
Beliefs incubated in this sordid world-view
Release an abomination on civilization

How do you cope in a world gone mad
Rage times helplessness equals mass upheaval
Victims of hurt registered in cellular memories
Perpetrator or victim we play the same old same old
I hurt so you must hurt
How do we jump off this merry-go-round
Create new beliefs of loving-kindness
Compassionate understanding offers hope of redemption

The script written by our warring ancestors is tiresome
Angry voices within motivate us to conquer and divide
Listen for the still voice of blessing and hope
It is there waiting for humanity’s moment of clarity
When love prevails over all misunderstandings
When peace is treasured beyond material wealth
Where difference is met with ultimate co-existence
Then light will shine burning bright like the stars at night
How do you cope in a world gone mad