January 16, 2014

This world is a cosmic play
Co-Creators of illusion
When chaos runs rampant
These troublesome events
We wish they would go away
We pray for a saviour
We are in spiritual crisis
Looking for divine intervention

Pray for illumination
Show us the effects of our actions
With unity awareness
Every moment we choose mindfully
We walk in beauty
A reality of separate consciousness
Perpetuates the need to run away
A self-inflicted suffering
Why not create with integrity

Being loved
Remembering love
How can we create a toxic world
Where profits prevail
Overruling justice
Landfills bursting with cast-offs
The promise of happiness
The cure for loneliness

No solutions outside of ourselves
We choose how we live
Contemplate who we are
Where we came from
Where we are going
What we are looking for
In the end we find only oneness
No Illusions of other