It Is All About Me

August 21, 2014

image credit:alicepopkorn

Peering out of the port-hole of my encumbrances
A wreckage of flotsam crash upon the stormy sea
While I rant at the perpetrators of this devastation
My own leaky ship is going down
Down into the depths of the murky bleak
It is all about me

Dogs haggle over a bone
The peace-maker of the pack intervenes
In the ancient forests
Giant trees compete growing taller and weaker
Jostling to reach up for the light
Below the under-brush spread content
Living gently in the tranquil glade

Nature reflects the instinct for survival
Fear and greed protects the species
Humans too follow these primal needs
We think we have evolved
History repeats itself
The carnage continues to mock our insulted pride

On this healing journey to awareness
Will there ever be peace
When in my own relationships
I struggle with my preference to be right
To control my world by judging
I fight not wanting to be a victim
To protect those I love
I am afraid of being helpless
I worry about having enough

Am I that different from warring nations
Where ancient grievances percolate incessantly
Am I not partnering with reckless corporations
Exploiting my bottomless greed for more
Am I any better than the assassin on the street
Executing that which frightens me
A shift in my perception
From fear to love
Is it that simple
Am I willing to make the leap
It is all about me