Let All Things Pass Away

March 3, 2009

Things said or done long years ago,
Or things I did not do or say
But thought that I might say or do,
Weigh me down, and not a day
But something is recalled,
My conscience or my vanity appalled….

From man’s blood-sodden heart are sprung
Those branches of the night and day
Where the gaudy moon is hung.
What’s the meaning of all song?
‘Let all things pass away.’

Taken from Vacillation by W B Yeats

These words by Yeats echo what ails us until we learn to, “let all things pass away.” This is the key to true freedom; when we can truly let things go, to let go of the thoughts of regret about the past and mulling over what we could have said and done.

Who amongst us has no regret about the past?  If only we made wiser choices, acted differently, were more gentle in our speech etc, our life would be different today. The wisest compassionate remark one of my teachers made regarding this was, “if you could have, you would.” With  this outlook, we recognize that we did the best we could for who we were, which is the best we can ever possibly do, until we learn that we can make different choices.

Letting go of the past is the most important step towards personal freedom. Painful memories and unresolved issues of regret or failure are the invisible companions that follow us into every avenue of our personal life path in the present. They appear as nagging doubt, anxiety, timidity, fear, and lack of trust in ourselves and others. How do we shrug off these ghosts of the past and live in the present with clarity and resolve without self-sabotage?

One of the most helpful methods I have found is a self-healing technique called TAT®, which I have mentioned in a previous post, Coping With Difficult Times Part 3. There are a few steps to this technique which consists of focusing on a few statements while holding a posture. The posture is putting one hand at the base of the skull and the other on the point just above the nose-bridge between the eyes. You would have to look at the instructions on the TAT website. You can download the free instructions here by clicking here. From that page there are two ways to get the instructions. You can log in as a customer and order it through the store, or you can go to the tatlife home page and click on the free download link. Either way, it is free.

The  steps are:

  1. This[substitute this with  whatever your regret, anxiety, failure etc.] happened.
  2. This happened, it’s over, I am ok and I can now relax.
  3. All the places in my mind, body and life where I hold this, is now being healed. Thank you.[you may thank whatever form of divinity or the universe etc.]
  4. All the origins of this is being healed. Thank you.
  5. I ask forgiveness of anyone I hurt because of this.
  6. I forgive anyone including myself and God who I blame for this.
  7. I now choose to create…[the opposite of ‘this’]
  8. This healing is now integrating on all levels. Thank you.

The above steps can be shortened to three steps or you can even add more. Please check the TAT website if you are interested in learning more about this technique. You can download the instructions for free.

The beauty of this technique is that anyone can do it at any time, to heal mental, emotional or physical issues. The steps of forgiveness and choosing a new way of being are the most effective parts in healing any emotional issues from the past. It is the acknowledging of what is standing in the way of us moving forward in the life we want to create. It makes conscious all the nagging discomfort and stress that looms over us or appears as a background of anxiety and foreboding, without having to delve deeply into the issue.

When we can let all things pass away, we are open to the present moment and can live more fully and deeply. Our choices are not based on negativities that we still harbor from past hurts. We are free to make choices where we can reflect on our actions, determine their consequences both for ourselves and others. Our choices are then made on the basis of what brings us fulfillment rather than emptiness and disatisfaction. We become truly free with a deepening self-knowledge.


1 Mark 03.04.09 at 10:21 am

This is a very good process. Thank-you for sharing.

2 Miruh 03.04.09 at 11:03 am

Hello Mark,

You are most welcome. I have had much success with using this method myself.

Sending you warm healing vibes. 😀

3 Jude Lamare 03.04.09 at 9:58 pm

I get such a wonderful bath for my soul when my Spiritual Healing email arrives. Thank you so much for the encouragement and pointers!

4 Miruh 03.05.09 at 1:48 pm

Hello Jude,

Your gratitude for these pointers on the healing journey reflect my own. It is a gift that we are given by those who have pursued the path of courage and resolve to uncover the truth of who we are.

I am ever grateful to my teachers and this humble offering in writing my thoughts in this blog is my gift to share the same with others.

May you continue to unfold the light and beauty within.

5 Alexys Fairfield 03.05.09 at 7:03 pm

Oh Miruh,

You’re such an angel to share this healing technique.

I am at the library today and I couldn’t wait to get home to try it so I thought that I would give it a try now.

People are looking at me like I am having a spasm. If only I could type and do the technique simultaneously – now that would be bliss.

Even the word healing sounds healing. 😀

Thank you my friend.

6 Miruh 03.05.09 at 11:40 pm

Hello Alexys,

I too am so grateful for this technique that Tappas Fleming so generously shares with the world. It has been taught to victims of natural disaster and has been tremendously helpful in alleviating much traumatic stress and brought peace to many.

I have found that just by focusing on the second statement without even holding the posture, is helpful in a pinch or a melt-down…LOL

I am glad you are playing with it. May it bring you much healing and peace!

7 Liara Covert 03.09.09 at 8:14 pm

Miruh, you gently remind everyone that impermanence underlies everything human beings think and feel and experience. This reality helps people deal better with the information thye feel they are given. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Every lesson creates a sense of a rainbow somewhere. Whether you stumle on it or consciously create it with deliberte intention, that source of light exists ad awats your revelation.

8 Maithri 03.10.09 at 10:27 pm

My dear friend and sister,

How deep the river of your wisdom runs…. (i just posted a comment here which has like all things ‘passed away’ 😉 )

So I return to type it again….

I am at the hospital library in Cairns base hospital, in nth queensland…. I’m here doing some work as rehabilitation registrar before i head up to africa at the end of the month….

I just wanted you to know how moved I am by all that you share…. your soulful, earthy wisdom is nourishing to the soul….

When is your book coming out? Put me on the preorder list please….

Much love dear friend,

and wild wings of peace,


9 Miruh 03.11.09 at 1:31 pm

Hello Liara,

You say it so well, “Nothing is as bad as it seems. Every lesson creates a sense of a rainbow somewhere.”

To remember in the moment that “this too shall pass,” is a gift that we can give ourselves, that everything is here to teach us and to cherish the gem in the teaching.

Thanks for your wise words.

May you follow the rainbows and find the gold of inner wisdom!

10 Miruh 03.11.09 at 5:43 pm

Hello Maithri,

A book, huh? I think that sounds a lot easier than the trip I was planning, to bring back two stone tablets from the mountain top…LOL

I am so happy and excited for you about your upcoming trip to be with the people in Swaziland. I look forward to you publishing a book about your experiences! I wish you the deepest courage and fortitude to match the big love you hold in your heart.

Much love to you my friend!

11 vinod 03.19.09 at 10:08 pm

My Master teaches that guilt and regret must not be there in life to live healthy,beautiful life. but how we can get rid of those , there has to have a Master’s blessings and with the meditation we can get rid of it. And then only we can live in the present moment. Living in the present moment is also type of meditation.

12 Miruh 03.20.09 at 8:21 pm

Hello Vinod,

You are very fortunate to have a Master and to receive his blessings. Yes, meditation also helps to let go of the past as well as practicing awareness of the present moment.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Peace to you!

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