Life In A Minor Key

November 4, 2012

Grey clouds deliver driving hard rain
Fir branches sway wildly in the wind
Strings of musical pearls play
An enchanting melody
Knitting needles clicking
A singular beautiful harmony

As darkness approaches a mother and child
Their home lost in a storm named Sandy
Sitting waiting …
This life has no certainties
What once was so real
Now washed away
Only loving remains


1 bern 11.04.12 at 7:16 pm

Its as if we each play a note, some major, some minor… and together they create an epic song, that from the heavens above, may sound like they all come together in a single ohm. Each note though, has to be played true to the heart, even though some tones are deep and heavy. Its a feeling that requires honesty to convey the truth of a collective symphony.

2 Miruh 11.05.12 at 11:38 am

Hello Bern,

“…the truth of a collective symphony.” We are all experiencing this, even though some people may be tone deaf, or slightly out of key, the cacophony from the culture we have created is making us all a little more aware of the collective symphony, how we are playing our part, and our connectedness to the whole.

I always appreciate reading your enlightened words. Happy Fall to you and Stacey!

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