Loving What Is

April 1, 2013

From the perspective of mindstuff
How easy it is to love what is
To witness the mind
It isn’t real
The play of smoke and mirrors
The dance of mind and heart
Feeling so smug
Walking the spiritual path

Looking out into my world
Loving what is…Holy crap
Half of the bee population decimated
Oil spill in backyards
Dead whale near a salmon farm
DNA altering agents hidden in food
How do I love what is
Without exception?

The material world is not different
The outer a manifestation of the inner
Seeking enrichment on the outside
Depletion of resources
Misuse of power
The soul’s fulfillment still denied
A trail of destruction left behind
Loving what is
The state of the world reflects our mind

Corporations supply our demand
Cater to our endless needs
Blame perpetuates the illusion of other
Love is greater than anything we encounter
We are all learning
Acceptance of our brokenness

Loving what is
We are not separate
The lessons are there to see
None of this is real
Just being
Loving what is
The only way to heal