Ode To You

September 20, 2013

image credit: alicepopkorn

Tell me about you
Your mystical journeys
Your tireless feet of emerald clay
The well-shod in the marketplace
With their two-dimensional perspective
Cast a derisive glance in your direction

I recognise you
Your ambient smile
Walking amidst the frenzied crowds
Your stories offer a minute portal
Captured images of delicate moments
Windows into your multi-faceted existence

How can I share your eminence with others
When words fail to encompass your transcendence
How do I describe this mythic tale
Sleep-walkers in the world of logic
Shuffle along where everything is for sale

Living in liminal presence
Kaleidoscopic scenes evolve
Endless holographic images
Here we embrace it all
The beauty of existence
The rampant destruction of life
The pain of betrayals
The squeeze of suffering

Being gentle with it all
Reunite like a mother with her lost child
Reflections in the dream
You remind me
Lighten up!