Only One

September 11, 2011

image credit: alicepopkorn

Words create our world
Gentle words of harmonious hues
Weave peaceful chords
Vibrating to the One
Beware the gremlin of resentment
Her loud angry tone
Pushes us apart
The dissonance of separation
Casts a heavy spell
Lost in the misty wilderness of suffering
How do we find our way home
To the one heart?
No self
No other
Only love
Only One


1 Mergingpoint 09.13.11 at 7:57 pm

oh! i just love this image…sooo beautiful!!

where words fail to reach, the silence lets the space for the ignorant to dissolve its clutches and lets the other remain rooted in the depths of silence. Love continues to emanate its fragrance!

2 Miruh 09.22.11 at 11:47 am

Hello Mergingpoint,

I like this, “Love continues to emanate its fragrance!”

In all situations we can always find our center again when we remember love. So simple but but not so easy.

Much love to you and yours!


3 Maithri 09.25.11 at 6:21 am

What a pleasure to read your words again sister,

Words indeed… are those secret warriors….constantly championing the cause which we choose…

May you find peace in the centre of things my friend,

With love, M

4 Miruh 09.26.11 at 10:54 am

Hello Maithri,

And a pleasant surprise to see you here my friend, welcome back to the blogosphere!

I like this, “Words indeed… are those secret warriors….constantly championing the cause which we choose…”

Isn’t it so, that we have the choice in every word we utter, whether we create a paradise or a hell in which to live?

Thanks for dropping in and sharing your wisdom here.

May peaceful strains of vibrant love follow you!

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