February 19, 2013

image credit:alicepopkorn

The children of the Sun
Slowly drag their feet
Worn faces
Despondent hearts
A vision of defeat
The Keepers approach
In the liminal twilight

From the perch of disregard
The children are given
An overview
The magnificent perfection
Of the nature of things
Look over there!

Great King Indra demands more and more
The sage points to the procession of ants
“Former Indras all”
All follow the great cycles
Of Creation and Destruction

In the court of
The Cosmic Friend
We are the players
In the cycles of life
Of Creation
Of Destruction
We are the pawns

The rays of the Sun
Shine equally
All absorb energy
According to their capacity
We give love
We receive love
In equal measure to
Awareness of unity

The Keepers laugh:
Lay down the baggage you carry
The burden of fixing
Of controlling
Unfriend all your causes
Of energy drain
You can no more influence
A corporation
A dear friend
Than they want to be

Live mindfully
The very principles
You see lacking in others
Greed for more
Hastens the destruction
Your mindless choices
Pay lip service to
Human rights
Vanishing ecosystems
Indigenous cultures

Create the worlds you inhabit
The cycles of life
They come and go
How we live in the smaller circles
Of friends and relations
Ripple out to the larger spheres

The Keepers continue:
Live simply
Use less
Love more
Befriend yourself
Walk in peace
Peace will follow