The Gift

July 16, 2013

image credit:alicepopkorn

Bathed in streaming golden light
Your watchful presence outside my door
The Keepers stealthily creep in
A gentle awakening from this extended slumber
Wherever I am led
Whatever happens
Grace is always there
To know this is
The Gift

Looking for my clothes
To hide my naked innocence
I search in vain
To find something to cover-up
Outmoded concepts
Ingrained pettiness
Everything I use to hide behind
You take it all away in exchange for
The Gift

We watch the Keepers shore up
The eaves of my dilapidated faith
Strengthening my confidence
My knowingness
Steeped in silence
Drinking in the delicious peace
This temple is
The Gift

No secrets

June 20, 2013

image credit:alicepopkorn

Dancing fireflies punctuate the moonlit meadow
Innocence poised in liminal surrender
Heed the resounding call to awaken
Listen to strains of ancient voices
Laugh… cry…laugh again
Whistle blowers anonymous
No secrets
The sum of our differences net zero

Longing for a simpler time
When make-believe rhymed with reality
Thoughts have no boundaries
Predictable actions do not amaze
Laugh… cry…laugh again
Whistle blowers anonymous
No secrets
The sum of our differences net zero

Cultural biases dictate our worth
Handing over responsibility
Losing our integrity
Take back our feelings of equality
Laugh… cry…laugh again
Whistle blowers anonymous
No secrets
The sum of our differences net zero

Come to the edge this starlit evening
Helpers support our healing
Look inside yourself
Step on to the bridge
A start of a new season
Laugh… cry…laugh again
Whistle blowers anonymous
No secrets
The sum of our differences net zero

Voices Of Renewal

May 28, 2013

A cacophony of raucous starlings messing about
Busy movements going nowhere
Drawing attention to themselves
Leaving their crap everywhere
People can sometimes be like that
Undermining themselves with
Mental and emotional posturing

Voices of renewal
Whisper a reminder to consciously select
The thoughts that protect
To move beyond attitudes
Of reflections on inner poverty
To match the higher vibrations of sovereignty

Respecting our differences by nature
Healing is a personal adventure
For some letting go is easy
Others need to revisit
The temple in the ruins
Seeking camaraderie may be contrary
Their need to sit amongst the ruins
To worship at the altar
Of perceived wrong-doings

The path is not linear
It loops back upon itself
Progress may not look like you would expect
Go inside
Away from the noisy mind
Practice discernment
In stillness
Listen to
Voices of renewal

Song Of The Dogwood Perspective

May 12, 2013

It may appear on the surface
Just another tree standing pretty
My world confined to this vicinity
Below the surface I connect
A myriad species bound in unity
With all life a constant interface
Mycellium a maze in network communicate

When petty tyrants threaten to prevail
Come sit beside me
Let me enfold you in my embrace
As above so below
The seasons they come and go
Freedoms seeks the real from the unreal
I will tell you a story of grace

My dazzling beauty soon to fade
As drooping petals decay
Following the cycles of life
Returning to earth what is not mine
From stardust we all arrived
Set down upon this plane
To wonder in this conscious play

Standing alone I seem separate
Below the surface
All my relations
My network informs those in need
I extend my succor
My nurture
A massive web of support beneath

Up above in the languid breeze
Pileated woodpecker speaks to me
I feed him ruby red berries
He tells me of changes he sees
Things are not what they used to be
The river rat told him
There is trouble even in the seas

So do not be fooled by appearances
Truth exists in the depths of eternity
Stardust to earthdust
Arising and falling
This world is transient
The heart is the temple of light
Where Consciousness dances in delight

When petty tyrants threaten to prevail
Remind yourself
It is all unreal
Join in the Dance!
Clap your hands and Laugh!
Raise your voice and Sing
The Song Of The Dogwood Perspective!

Loving What Is

April 1, 2013

From the perspective of mindstuff
How easy it is to love what is
To witness the mind
It isn’t real
The play of smoke and mirrors
The dance of mind and heart
Feeling so smug
Walking the spiritual path

Looking out into my world
Loving what is…Holy crap
Half of the bee population decimated
Oil spill in backyards
Dead whale near a salmon farm
DNA altering agents hidden in food
How do I love what is
Without exception?

The material world is not different
The outer a manifestation of the inner
Seeking enrichment on the outside
Depletion of resources
Misuse of power
The soul’s fulfillment still denied
A trail of destruction left behind
Loving what is
The state of the world reflects our mind

Corporations supply our demand
Cater to our endless needs
Blame perpetuates the illusion of other
Love is greater than anything we encounter
We are all learning
Acceptance of our brokenness

Loving what is
We are not separate
The lessons are there to see
None of this is real
Just being
Loving what is
The only way to heal


March 19, 2013

Seeds lay dormant in the darkness
Of Winter’s silent sleep
Heed the call to life
Burst upon the light of a new season
Awake to the splendor of Spring

Soft rays of morning light
Welcome the day
You arrived as Spring approached
Growing in frenzied spurts
A potpourri of experiences
Attuned to the seasons
The cycles of life
Discarding outgrown personalities
You acquired a character of worth

On and on the cycles go
An opportunity to grow
Observing nature you know
Change happens
Each letting go
Wisdom they bestow

At Summer’s end you gathered
A myriad variety of seeds
Nature is selective
Cherish those that work
To further your

Garden offerings that won’t thrive
No matter how you nurture them
Be compassionate
Let them go
Release the reluctant
From the burden of keeping up a show

Of all the seasons
Winter is the test
When the externals are withdrawn
Through long harsh trials
Into the phase of dissolution
A time to rest
A time to contemplate

Hear the clarion call
The dance is about to begin
Another round of celebration
Of offering to the rites of Spring

Who I Am

March 7, 2013

Society has taught me well
I try to please you
Tell me who I am
Endlessly waiting for you

Your responses
Lost in the cacophony
A thousand drowning voices
All clamoring for my attention
To tell me who I am

Wading through the mist
Mingling with fellow masqueraders
Reconstructing memories
None of it is really
Who I am

How do I know
Which projections are real
When concepts I constructed
Erode before my naive immunity

Shattered illusions dissolve
Trusting opportunites
Grasping at ephemeral causes
Explaining who I am

I am not the stories I weave
The layers of effects of my actions
The images you hold of me
Seasoned expectations of delivery

The truth of who I am
Lies deeper
In an ocean of stillness
In the depths of clarity.

Places Where We Meet

February 26, 2013

It doesn’t matter how you show up
There are places where we meet
Places I like to frequent
Your luminescent voice
Bubbling over the connection
Where our hearts beat
When raucous laughter
Punctuates your anger
With crude expletives
A heartfelt blessing
Acceptance of deceit
In one fell swoop
Your mother’s fears cut down
I sense your need to be strong
Needing to be in separate places
Breaking up is easier
We pick a fight
Where no one faces
The sadness of our plight
It doesn’t matter how you show up
There are places where we meet
Where beauty masks
The jagged words of
Painful disconnection
What we say
A noisy interjection
No words
In the places where we meet


February 19, 2013

image credit:alicepopkorn

The children of the Sun
Slowly drag their feet
Worn faces
Despondent hearts
A vision of defeat
The Keepers approach
In the liminal twilight

From the perch of disregard
The children are given
An overview
The magnificent perfection
Of the nature of things
Look over there!

Great King Indra demands more and more
The sage points to the procession of ants
“Former Indras all”
All follow the great cycles
Of Creation and Destruction

In the court of
The Cosmic Friend
We are the players
In the cycles of life
Of Creation
Of Destruction
We are the pawns

The rays of the Sun
Shine equally
All absorb energy
According to their capacity
We give love
We receive love
In equal measure to
Awareness of unity

The Keepers laugh:
Lay down the baggage you carry
The burden of fixing
Of controlling
Unfriend all your causes
Of energy drain
You can no more influence
A corporation
A dear friend
Than they want to be

Live mindfully
The very principles
You see lacking in others
Greed for more
Hastens the destruction
Your mindless choices
Pay lip service to
Human rights
Vanishing ecosystems
Indigenous cultures

Create the worlds you inhabit
The cycles of life
They come and go
How we live in the smaller circles
Of friends and relations
Ripple out to the larger spheres

The Keepers continue:
Live simply
Use less
Love more
Befriend yourself
Walk in peace
Peace will follow

Radiating From The Centre

December 26, 2012

No escape from the cloistered room of my retreat
Useless words encumber crystal clarity
Extremes of excess
Weave a tangle of mental constructs
Barriers to the shimmering colors of my soul
Internal flowering is a gentle process
Nurtured in soft caresses
Of Beauty…
In Silence…

Shaken by the power of transformation
All securites
All certainties
Insurmountable obstacles drift away
Like remnants of faded blossoms past
An exquisite delicate gift to protect
To shield with love

A wish for harmony
To seek balance
No place to hold on to
In this place of change
All that is familiar is left behind
No need to use force
Doing nothing
Everything unfolds in time

Freed from the old
This moment of incubation
Which way does it go?
Allow stillness to guide its direction
The framework of rebirth

Disintegrated relationships
Inappropriate bonds
Imprison the soul
Say goodbye to the old
Difficult as it may be
Confinements that limit
Liberation follows
Ready to let go…
Birthing a new life
Radiating from the Centre