Life In A Minor Key

November 4, 2012

Grey clouds deliver driving hard rain
Fir branches sway wildly in the wind
Strings of musical pearls play
An enchanting melody
Knitting needles clicking
A singular beautiful harmony

As darkness approaches a mother and child
Their home lost in a storm named Sandy
Sitting waiting …
This life has no certainties
What once was so real
Now washed away
Only loving remains


From Where You Are

October 21, 2012

Image Credit:h.koppdelaney

I inhabit the cool spaces of my mind
Observing the silence where you speak
The language of souls who greet
The journey’s end so sweet

No longer will I hear your words
The exchange of little anecdotes
Seeds of wisdom you sowed
Sharing your passion for life

And yet you must have suffered
Fears of the messenger
The swift passage to the end
Behind your positive words
You showed no trace
The shadows
You had to face
Your young life to defend

From where you are
How is the view ?
Can you see Saturn’s rings?
Is the Mystery clear?

Forge ahead you said
Every misfortune brings a gift
To see life differently
To find the nugget of gold
In the making
Let life unfold
Whatever is lost
Is what you need to let go of

See your highest good
With your heart wide open
Enter the Silence
Your great work is done!

Written for my blogger friend who I never met, but inspired me deeply. RIP Alexys.

Get To No

October 3, 2012

image credit:alicepopkorn

Sweeping across the contours of my sleep
Dream-weaver woman drums her message:
One power unites all
Stay clear!
Illusion beckons at every turn:
Wear this mask
Believe this story
See low
Reach high
Wish for more…

Conflict arises
Myriad thoughts vying for attention
Choose me…me…me!
Every desire
Creates an action
Be Aware!
Get to NO
Know the one power
You are already That
Witness all that hides your power

Dream-weaver woman approaches:
And how did you allow
This rape of Earth?
…I tried to own it
It was too high a price to pay
The givers have gone away weary
The takers keep coming
Plundering Earth to her bones
Dream-weaver woman points to the West
Trust the Keepers to do the rest

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You Are Home

September 27, 2012

The voice of the One Heart
Is calling:
You are home!
Bask in her protective embrace
Her soft whisper caresses your soul:
You are worthy
You are deeply loved!

Birthing The New

September 6, 2012

image credit:alicepopkorn

In the stillness of the morning
We board the rickety bus
A tedious day of travel ahead
Mesmerized by tinseled exotica
The ludicrous landscape of a foreign city
We head for home exhausted

Caught in the wave of the advancing crowds
You did not realize you had lost something
You found the toy left stranded on the bus
You were in awe:
The universe was looking after your doll
Even though you had forgotten

Many years have passed
This scene of reunion comes to mind
The universe is looking after all you have
You can put down your burden now
No need to try to understand
All that is yours will come back to you

Piecing together the shards
The broken fragments of your life
The story told how it happened
Intuition whispers
You did not listen
Another opportunity for a rewrite

See your situation in a different light
In a battleground you create conflict
Use this gift as a turning point to realign
To the flow of life and blessings
To give to the world
Your unguarded heart

Rebirth follows all endings
If you care to look into the face of fear
You will see you have been here before
Disappointment has brought you back
Where emotions are cut off from the truth of love
Of nurture in the depths of being

In the fire of transformation
You will find your strength
This alchemy of soul
Revealing the shining jewel
That shines from the heart
Forgotten but not lost


Bring Home With You

August 16, 2012

image credit: alicepopkorn

Last night in my dreams, I was being told that I have it wrong. I say, “Come home to yourself,” when what I really mean is, “Bring ‘home’ with you.” This makes a lot of sense. “Come home to yourself,” implies that I have abandoned myself. “Bring ‘home’ with you,” on the other hand, paints a picture of sharing the fullness of who I already am, living from the heart space of loving-kindness, and compassion. I like that better.

In the next part of the dream, I am given a poem to read. I flip through the pages, and complain that there is too much to read. I realized later, that it was a message. I waste a lot of time on the internet during the breaks in my work day. It is like watching television, a mind numbing distraction. I could instead be entertaining myself by seeing what comes up from the depths of my consciousness, dancing its way around the keyboard.

This weekend will mark the fourth anniversary of this blog! Yesterday, I received a comment on a post I had written in 2008, asking a question, the answer to which, was in the first post I wrote in this blog. I coincidentally discovered this when I went to check on the start date. This blog continues to amaze me.

I started on a whim, and through it, I am discovering a lot about myself. When I started I had some ideas for this blog, but instead it has taken on a life of its own, and I follow where it leads me. I told a psychic friend about the creative process behind this blog, that I most often think I am not the writer, that most of these posts get written in a very short space of time, just by sitting with a topic that comes to me in a dream, or when I wake up. The ideas get fleshed out in one sitting. I then open a book to look for a quote, and there it is, the perfect one picked out! Just as today the automatic quote of the day on the side bar reads: Answers Are Within: All the answers are already within us. It’s finding the corresponding questions that’s so darned difficult. – Swami Beyondananda. It’s the theme of this post! :)

I know that I am not the writer since I am not a particularly articulate person. Many writers refer to their muse or guides. My psychic friend said that she doesn’t believe in guides. She thinks that we tap into aspects of ourselves in the creative process, and give an outside entity ownership, because we do not trust our own knowing. Hmm…Well I often go back to many of the posts I have written, and read them carefully to extract the wisdom there. There is a lot of wisdom that I already have that I do not acknowledge.

So often I read a book, or listen to a speaker, and think to myself, there is nothing new here. All spiritual teachers tell us that we already have everything we are looking for, that we only need to be quiet and listen for the answers. We have read all the books, we already know all there is to know, and now we just have to live it. We are addicted to gathering information, to thinking that there is something, or someone out there with the answers. The main teaching I have been taught, is to honor myself, to love myself, for divinity exists as me, everyone, and everything around me. Everything that shows up in my life is the path to knowing Truth.

“Bring ‘home’ with me,” is my new mantra. I have everything I need to manifest the highest potential of who I am meant to be in this life. Looking back at my earlier years, I already had all the makings of who I am today. Yes, I am a work in progress, but I feel I am done searching. I just need to fine tune, and align with the masterpiece that was created when I entered this world. Is it really that simple?

I am grateful for all of you my readers out there, for your emails, and comments over the last four years. I learn so much from you, and I feel like I know some of you from our correspondence, although I have never met you. This blog is for me, for me to know myself better. I am glad that you are also getting a lot from these words. It is a blessing to share this space with you.



Song Of Yourself

August 7, 2012

O Sister come away
Enter the circle
Dance to the Song of Yourself
The greatest romance ever
Sung into the world of man
Remember how deep your trust
With joyful confidence
Cradled in the arms of life
How laughter came easily
Not a care furrowed your brow

O Sister come sit with me
Lay down your heavy load
With good intentions
You who are Woman
Respond to the call to heal
To soothe the broken souls
Of generations of fathers and sons
Returning from the Killing Fields
Those weary from haggling
Over the spoils of war

O Sister spare me your story
Like most stories of man
They speak of loss and betrayal
Those who articulate empty words
Whose actions mirror
The scars of shame and guilt
Chained to generations past
A shaky foundation
No integrity to receive nourishment
No healing will hold

O Sister stay awhile
Hold your ground
People show you who they are
You believe you could change them
Sing the Song of Yourself
You will know what needs what doesn’t
When to give when to replenish
Surrender to feelings
Allow the flow to move through
Intuition left unacknowledged
What has been ignored and denied

O Sister let us celebrate
This beautiful transformation
Of sadness and disappointment
To joy and compassionate devotion
To Truth of freedom from illusion
Of a separate existence
Where expectations drop away
Where wisdom choreographs
Every step in the dance of eternity
Come let us Sing the Song of Yourself


A Good Day To Love

June 21, 2012

White peonies dressed in tender pink fronds
Pungent golden broom as far as the eye can see
Crystal droplets on green grass
Bird-songs usher in the break of day
Cool breezes hug the trees
Sunshine kissing my face

The Friend reminds me
It is a good day to love
The simple beauty of being
Cherish the joy of living
Abundance everywhere
Walk this life without fear

Exhaustion is a squeeze
The little fires everywhere
Their smoke signals draw you
Into dramas that never cease
The trouble with making harmony
Is that hell will never freeze

I walk with you my Friend
Freedom on our side
We speak our truth
Follow the one heart
Rest in serenity
This is a good day to love

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La La La La Life

June 7, 2012

image credit: alicepopkorn

Strolling the bayou
Of your Louisiana boyhood
Commandeering the boardroom astute
Playing at regional general manager
You knew if was a la la la la life

You lived with ease and wit
Of Creme Brulee and La Traviata
We discussed their merits
Equally conversant in Vedanta
You knew it was a la la la la life

The dusty by roads you walked
The multi coloured hats you wore
The path suddenly came to a fork
The lightness of being you taught
You knew it was a la la la la life

This evening as you transcend
You discard this caged form
Myriad bright lights descend
Step onto the moon-beams
You knew it was a la la la la life…


Seeing What Is There

May 20, 2012

Seeker woman looks at what is in front of her
O these day to day experiences
Of simple living are not enough
She once had a glimpse of Oneness
Her search for the sublime
For what was lost
Blinds her to the cup that overflows
In the form of love from those she knows

In her longing for divine love
She ignores the jewel in her hand
This moment contains the essence
She fails to accept the gift
That will end her isolation
Her disillusionment with life

Captive of the shadows of her own making
Trapped in the mist of despair
Focused on how things should be
Lost in the past
She cries out in the darkness

The hand of Grace offers an alternative
She raises her sights
Seeker woman chooses to let go
Possibilities appear
The way to freedom awaits

Seeing what is there
She holds herself in compassion
Grounded in her interconnectedness
She embraces the work ahead
Worthy of her patient endurance
She makes a space for herself in her heart
She makes room for those like her
Who are walking the Beauty Path to Transformation