Reflections Of A Pine Elder

February 8, 2014

A Pine tree
Far away in a nursery by the sea
Grandmother Pine tells her story
Reflecting on what could have been
There once was a maiden so lonely
A lovely sapling among many
She was named Pine appropriately

In a sylvan corner of the country
Chipmunks played hide and go seek
Gathering pine-cones for the week
Mournful Maiden Pine lost in a dream
When will my lover come for me
Whisk me away make me happy

Strolling through the woods
One momentous day as happened to be
His sober gait halted abruptly
A handsome young man gazed in awe
Enchanted by her singular beauty
He collected her carefully

Close to his heart she clung
Feeling a little giddy
A happy-go-lucky lady she will be
In a nursery overlooking the sea
In rows of pampered trees she lay pretty
Grown stunted self-contained in pottery

Her station secured
Happy in comfort aplenty
Pondering the newbies
Coddled to stifling extravagance
Primped in the ways of his fancy
Bent into shapes of whimsy

What once was so exciting now mundane
For her the blue jays seem to jeer
A feeling of emptiness of something amiss
She longed for the life she left behind
The carefree days in the woods
As nature has designed

She recalls the story as was told
A tiny seed grows into a mighty tree
A miracle known to her forebears of old
Within the heart of every seed
Lies the imprint of her destiny
A shining point of light a promise of what will be

A powerful force within
A witness to life unfold
A slender sprout to sturdy adult
Love in action
The will to become
A splendour to behold

Nature’s gifts: