March 19, 2013

Seeds lay dormant in the darkness
Of Winter’s silent sleep
Heed the call to life
Burst upon the light of a new season
Awake to the splendor of Spring

Soft rays of morning light
Welcome the day
You arrived as Spring approached
Growing in frenzied spurts
A potpourri of experiences
Attuned to the seasons
The cycles of life
Discarding outgrown personalities
You acquired a character of worth

On and on the cycles go
An opportunity to grow
Observing nature you know
Change happens
Each letting go
Wisdom they bestow

At Summer’s end you gathered
A myriad variety of seeds
Nature is selective
Cherish those that work
To further your

Garden offerings that won’t thrive
No matter how you nurture them
Be compassionate
Let them go
Release the reluctant
From the burden of keeping up a show

Of all the seasons
Winter is the test
When the externals are withdrawn
Through long harsh trials
Into the phase of dissolution
A time to rest
A time to contemplate

Hear the clarion call
The dance is about to begin
Another round of celebration
Of offering to the rites of Spring