Song Of The Dogwood Perspective

May 12, 2013

It may appear on the surface
Just another tree standing pretty
My world confined to this vicinity
Below the surface I connect
A myriad species bound in unity
With all life a constant interface
Mycellium a maze in network communicate

When petty tyrants threaten to prevail
Come sit beside me
Let me enfold you in my embrace
As above so below
The seasons they come and go
Freedoms seeks the real from the unreal
I will tell you a story of grace

My dazzling beauty soon to fade
As drooping petals decay
Following the cycles of life
Returning to earth what is not mine
From stardust we all arrived
Set down upon this plane
To wonder in this conscious play

Standing alone I seem separate
Below the surface
All my relations
My network informs those in need
I extend my succor
My nurture
A massive web of support beneath

Up above in the languid breeze
Pileated woodpecker speaks to me
I feed him ruby red berries
He tells me of changes he sees
Things are not what they used to be
The river rat told him
There is trouble even in the seas

So do not be fooled by appearances
Truth exists in the depths of eternity
Stardust to earthdust
Arising and falling
This world is transient
The heart is the temple of light
Where Consciousness dances in delight

When petty tyrants threaten to prevail
Remind yourself
It is all unreal
Join in the Dance!
Clap your hands and Laugh!
Raise your voice and Sing
The Song Of The Dogwood Perspective!