Song Of Yourself

August 7, 2012

O Sister come away
Enter the circle
Dance to the Song of Yourself
The greatest romance ever
Sung into the world of man
Remember how deep your trust
With joyful confidence
Cradled in the arms of life
How laughter came easily
Not a care furrowed your brow

O Sister come sit with me
Lay down your heavy load
With good intentions
You who are Woman
Respond to the call to heal
To soothe the broken souls
Of generations of fathers and sons
Returning from the Killing Fields
Those weary from haggling
Over the spoils of war

O Sister spare me your story
Like most stories of man
They speak of loss and betrayal
Those who articulate empty words
Whose actions mirror
The scars of shame and guilt
Chained to generations past
A shaky foundation
No integrity to receive nourishment
No healing will hold

O Sister stay awhile
Hold your ground
People show you who they are
You believe you could change them
Sing the Song of Yourself
You will know what needs what doesn’t
When to give when to replenish
Surrender to feelings
Allow the flow to move through
Intuition left unacknowledged
What has been ignored and denied

O Sister let us celebrate
This beautiful transformation
Of sadness and disappointment
To joy and compassionate devotion
To Truth of freedom from illusion
Of a separate existence
Where expectations drop away
Where wisdom choreographs
Every step in the dance of eternity
Come let us Sing the Song of Yourself


1 Bruce 08.07.12 at 6:08 pm

So very beautiful, Miruh! Thank you.

2 Amanda 08.08.12 at 6:09 pm

That was so beautiful – I loved it. It’s amazing how poetry can touch such a us so deeply in a way regular speech can’t

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