Standing At The Portal

February 2, 2012

Standing at the portal
Feel the vibrations of existence itself as you
Bathe in the light of Consciousness that is you
Delight in the bliss of love that is you
In every moment
Aware of divine essence that we are
We stand at the portal
Without awareness we miss the portal of light
We see only darkness

On the path of the spiritual healing journey
We hold all in perspective
The sadness of our personal losses
Man’s inhumanity
Our helplessness in the face of mass unconsciousness
Standing at the portal
Cradling all aspects of our humanity
Look through to the light
For darkness can only be illuminated
In the presence
Of light
The self-luminous reality that is you

Only you can change your experience
What you choose to focus on
Becomes your world
You can make your world a hell or a heaven
Observe the suffering
It is there to teach
You are the self-luminous reality
Bask at the portal of your divine self


1 Alexys Fairfield 02.04.12 at 1:08 pm

Hi Miruh,

Wow, I love the vibration of this poem. Instead of standing at the portal, I dive into it and experience what unfolds which is usually nothing I would have imagined. And that’s what I suppose people are afraid of, not knowing – but not knowing is when you are open to all possibilities of growth. (knowing)

Warm peace my friend.

2 Miruh 02.04.12 at 3:36 pm

Hi Alexys,

I believe that in this earth walk we are asked to straddle both worlds, the human and the divine. Standing at the portal of your divine self, to me, is to be aware moment to moment of the illusion of physicality, and the truth of divine potential. To dive fully into the portal to our divine aspect makes it a little challenging to continue in this physical realm. When our time is over on the earth-plane, we will all be diving through the portal, the great unknown, ready or not!

Thanks for stopping by Alexys. Keep looking through that portal! 😀

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