May 3, 2012

Follow the meandering Beauty Path
Dancing butterflies flit through
Sun kissed perfumed blossoms
Lazy murmuring brooks
Lap over cool rocks

Follow the meandering Beauty Path
Keep up with the momentum of joy
You are destined to be distracted
The allure of the struggle with
Brambles crossing the Beauty Path

Weave the tapestry of life
Strand by strand
Thorns will hurt you
Love the thorns
They are protecting beauty

Your task is to weave
The light-giving web
Harmonious colours
Discordant textures
A singular design

Leave the unravelling to Source
Every path that crosses yours
Is perfect
Feel the buoyancy of Being
Carried in the arms of Love


1 Alexys Fairfield 05.08.12 at 1:36 pm

Hi Miruh,

Reading this is like stepping into a dream.

“Leave the unravelling to Source/Every path that crosses yours/Is perfect…”

That passage says it all. It’s sometimes hard to surrender, but the tapestry is so beautifully constructed that nothing we do ruins the design. That’s why tapestries are so intricate, the master planning fits us like a lovely glove. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your soul and contributing to the tapestry. (^-^)

2 Liara Covert 05.09.12 at 4:49 am

Miruh, harmony reveals itself through your chosen words as well as in the silence and gaps between them. Always a joy to feel presence.

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