The Seduction Of Betrayal

October 10, 2011

image credit: h.koppdelaney

Betrayal, aggression in drag:
Beat yourself up,
Lay blame on others.
Betrayal says: retaliate, engage in the endless loop,
Make friends with me and my partner, Suffering.

Above the din of clamouring voices
Betrayal whispers in her seductive tone:
You are not good enough,
You should have done more,
Improve yourself.

Can you hold those places that hurt
With gentleness, with loving-kindness, with compassion?
Just as you hurt, so does the other.
Can you let them follow their choices
Without it meaning anything about you?

Betrayal, an opportunity to return to love
To let go of judgement of self, of other.
When Betrayal comes close
Choose to align with self-love,
To remember Self: beauty, truth, and auspiciousness.


1 Jurgen Koppen 10.10.11 at 11:51 pm

My wish to interpret events as betrayal, still so noisily demanding my attention, is now being called. I have seen you there, I know that I have imagined this scenes in my mind, so many times before. I have been seduced by those images, and the emotions which surely follow. I will not be slave to such wild imaginings any more. The choice to see through the darkened lense of pain had been mine alone, and now I simply change my mind and chose to see truly: I see my brothers and sisters, my world, all of creation, my beloved. I was mistaken, that’s all….

2 Miruh 10.11.11 at 10:42 am

Hello Jurgen,


I like how you expressed this:
“The choice to see through the darkened lens of pain had been mine alone, and now I simply change my mind and chose to see truly…”

We most often think that betrayal is something done to us from the outside. Without labelling our interactions, we have more clarity and give more space for all concerned to be free.

Jurgen, thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.

Deep peace to you!

3 Alexys Fairfield 10.25.11 at 9:18 pm

Hi Miruh,

Betrayal is probably one of the most unsettling maladies in society. To be wrapped in it’s grip causes deep pain and self-blame. But like you said, it is an opportunity to return to love and harmony. Trust can be rebuilt once attachment is gone.

Great post.

Peace and love my friend.

4 Miruh 10.26.11 at 9:31 pm

Hello Alexys,

Great wisdom in these words, “Trust can be rebuilt once attachment is gone.” It is the secret to happiness isn’t it, the letting go of attachment to praise and blame? The spiritual path is paved with persistent letting go, acceptance of what is, and letting trust in.

As always, your presence here leads to deeper understanding and clarity.

May you walk in beauty and peace!

5 Maithri 10.27.11 at 3:31 am

You’re so right!

It’s a trap…. this betrayal stuff… How much easier to be a victim than someone who is responsible for their own footstep through this life…

Thanks for the reminder,

For holding the light.

I see it shining across the waters.

Love to you, M

6 Miruh 10.27.11 at 10:28 am

Hello Maithri,

It is great to see that you are blogging again, to read your enlightened words.

Yes, betrayal is a trap that we so easily fall into, but with awareness we see that it is we who are betraying ourselves. The choice to experience trust is ours, no matter what is going on in our world.

Big hugs over the waters to you!

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