Unity Consciousness

May 7, 2009

In an ancient scriptural text in Shaivism, there is an aphorism which states, “Consciousness herself, having descended from the expanded state, becomes the mind, contracted by the objects of perception.” This statement is the basic teaching that we are all interconnected beings, but feel separate due to illusion caused by our attachment to the sense of “me and mine.” We have forgotten our true heritage of Unity Consciousness and are lost in defending our separateness and are impoverished in a feeling of disempowerment.

Since my previous post, I have been reflecting on how we create separation between ourselves and our fellow human beings, when we pass judgment based on racial, religious, cultural, social and economic differences. Throughout history, man has been at war, committing genocide in the form of ethnic cleansing and other outrageous atrocities, because of our perceived differences. Now more than ever, it feels as if we are at a crossroads where we are capable of creating a future full of promise for the evolution of humanity. We can choose to make a quantum leap in consciousness or to follow the path by which we are ruled by our fear and hatred and it’s ensuing destruction of civilization.

We have known the extremes of man’s inhumanity to man, brought about by a division in beliefs, lifestyle, heritage and border, and on the other hand, we also see the reverse of that, where in times of tragedy, people unite around a common need.  I often wonder what is that quality in humans, that in moments of extraordinary duress, a person can draw upon a power within to perform super-human feats, putting their lives in danger to assist others. That quality of Unity Consciousness was seen when 9/11 happened, where firefighters, police officers and ordinary citizens performed heroic deeds.  In the concentration camps in Europe during the Nazi regime, we heard stories of men and women who went around comforting and taking care of others in those sordid conditions. We also see a version of that Unity Consciousness when we attend sports events in an arena where everybody is rooting for the home-team. We lose ourselves, though momentarily, in a feeling of oneness that transcends  our separate identification.

When we look around our world and see the variety of people whose physical appearances, ethnic origins, and lifestyle differ from ours, how do we find this Unity Consciousness in the diversity of manifestations? If we look on the surface, we will see that we are all different, but on a deeper level, we are all basically the same in our need for love and security. Is there a way to experience this Unity Consciousness that the sages tell us is our birthright?

In the Vijnanabhairava or Divine Consciousness translated by Jaideva Singh, in Verse 104 he comments: If one contemplates, “I am not my body, nor am I confined to any particular place or time…I am everywhere.”  He will then enjoy happiness.

And Verse 105: If one contemplates over the fact of knowledge and desire being common to every existent in the universe, he will acquire the consciousness of unity. Man usually thinks that there is nothing common between him and a jar or a tree, but if he comes to realize that knowledge and desire are the common characteristics of all manifestation that all are co-sharers of this divine gift, he will shed his insularity and feel his kinship with all.

And Verse 110: Just as waves arise from water, flames from fire, rays from the sun, even so the waves (varied aspects) of the universe have arisen in differentiated form from me(Consciousness.)

These contemplations along with meditation, can lead to the wisdom path of Unity Consciousness. Our minds keep reinforcing our sense of separateness, but if we keep practicing the perception of unity through the experience that comes from meditation and contemplation, our natural identification with Unity Consciousness easily follows.

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1 Mark 05.08.09 at 11:03 am

I agree we are at a point in our time where unity of consciousness is at hand. A wonderful opportunity exists and it is our to embrace. The wisdom you shared is great and is one my step towards achieving unity of consciousness with the understand that we are all eternally connected.

2 Marion 05.09.09 at 6:58 am

Thank you for a great post, as always, Miruh. It feels good when we unite with each other for a common good. And it feels bad when we don’t unite, and help each other. So I’m hoping the collective will realize uniting with other beings is the way to travel.

3 Miruh 05.10.09 at 7:50 am

Hello Mark,

It will be a great day when all of humanity takes the path to achieving unity of consciousness. It does look hopeful.

Have a peaceful weekend Mark. 😀

4 Miruh 05.10.09 at 7:52 am

Hello Marion,

Yes indeed, unity with others is the only hope for humanity.

Thanks for sharing.

Have a happy weekend! 😀

5 Liara Covert 05.11.09 at 1:05 pm

Miruh, each person has opportunities to reach out and connect with other souls. Each person feels innate direction, abilities and drive. Each person also has choices to be receptive to other people who reach out to them. Consciousness is a process. It is about raising awareness of what is and also taking steps to enrich the lives of others. INsodoing, you unconsciously strengthen your own energy vibration.

6 Mergingpoint 05.12.09 at 6:58 pm

“Oneness” is the essence of this Being. Yes Tantra reveals various powerful simple techniques to realize this oneness.
As rightly mentioned by you, thro meditation and contemplation, that which has been revealed within expands in dissolving the illusory wall that separates the form and thereby enabling the effortless unitedness.

7 Miruh 05.12.09 at 11:44 pm

Hello Liara,

I agree, awareness is the path to the unfolding of Consciousness that unites all beings.

Liara, thank you for sharing your wisdom here.

Love and blessings!

8 Miruh 05.12.09 at 11:50 pm

Hello Merging Point,

The sages have given us much to contemplate to ease our passage to the return path to, “Effortless unitedness” I love how you put that!

Thank you for your wisdom and beautiful words, my friend.

May you walk the path with effortless unitedness! 😀

9 Bob 10.29.09 at 4:07 pm

Thank you for this post. I really found resonance with what you had to say. The path of meditation has definitely led me to a similar conclusion Thank you.

10 Miruh 10.30.09 at 1:54 pm

Hello Bob,

I am glad you appreciate this post. More and more of us are finding meaning in unity consciousness, where the one divine source manifests in a myriad of forms. We are being guided to unite in love, seeing the pain that separation continues to inflict upon the earth, humanity and all creatures.

Thanks for stopping by, and Godspeed on the journey ahead!

11 Cleve 09.19.12 at 10:03 am

“…because of our perceived differences.”

Two comments on your post, then perhaps a discussion?

1. Our perceived differences are real. There are two “angles” of perception where there are “no differences”…Microscopic, at the sub-atomic particle level. (We’re all made of neutrons, protons and electrons.) And telescopic, all the way out to the spiritual consciousness level.

But everywhere in between, there are real differences. Even at the dark field microscopy level. These differences are as real as the fact each free-will extension of consciousness arranges it’s own sub-atomic particles according to it’s own level of consciousness.

Until we’re ALL receiving and remitting Pure Consciousness, there will be differences in how we manifest ourselves…and those differences are real.

Isn’t incarnating as a human an act of separation?

2. I find it rather myopic that someone would look to Sporting events, Concentration Camps and Acts of Terrorism as a place to point out how we can and have achieved a quality of Unity Consciousness.

“We lose ourselves, though momentarily, in a feeling of oneness that transcends our separate identification.”

Only half of the fans at every sporting event go home happy, there is a loser…by design.

I.G. Farben and Bayer don’t share the same “oneness” that you attribute to those sympathetic to holocaust victims.

And if you did as much research as I did after 9/11, you’ll know that the individuals who now privately own the expensive real estate that used to be owned by the Port Authority (i.e. govt.) where the buildings used to stand…probably don’t share the same “oneness” as the victims, their families and everyone else not involved in that real estate transaction.

The point is, in every example you gave you conveniently ignore the CREATORS of the events as being part of the whole.

I’m not sure how you achieve Unity Consciousness by excluding them, do you?

12 Miruh 09.19.12 at 3:40 pm

Hello Cleve,

I write from the perspective that there are two different realities that we all experience; absolute reality, and relative reality. Of course we are all different in the viewpoint of a relative reality, yet we also experience unity consciousness in the realm of absolute reality.
I think in this context of the post, I made this point.

Thanks for dropping by, and sharing your views.

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