Voices Of Renewal

May 28, 2013

A cacophony of raucous starlings messing about
Busy movements going nowhere
Drawing attention to themselves
Leaving their crap everywhere
People can sometimes be like that
Undermining themselves with
Mental and emotional posturing

Voices of renewal
Whisper a reminder to consciously select
The thoughts that protect
To move beyond attitudes
Of reflections on inner poverty
To match the higher vibrations of sovereignty

Respecting our differences by nature
Healing is a personal adventure
For some letting go is easy
Others need to revisit
The temple in the ruins
Seeking camaraderie may be contrary
Their need to sit amongst the ruins
To worship at the altar
Of perceived wrong-doings

The path is not linear
It loops back upon itself
Progress may not look like you would expect
Go inside
Away from the noisy mind
Practice discernment
In stillness
Listen to
Voices of renewal