What Is The Matter With You

March 8, 2012

There is your ego self,
There is your divine self.
Ego self stuck in matter asks:
What is the matter?
Are you doing enough?
Do you have enough?
Are you good enough?

Ego does its job:
Makes your decisions,
States your preferences,
Pays the bills on time.
Ego is your ally,
Ego is your helper,
Ego is not your master.

What is the matter with you?
Ego tries to engage you,
Bring you down to its level.
Remember who you are:
You are Peace
You are Freedom
You are that Self-luminous Bliss Absolute.

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1 Diana Wood 04.18.12 at 3:07 pm

Life is like walking on endless rolling hills, When you are up there you can see far and you are full of insight, and next, you are down and your vision is limited. All we need to do , is keep walking.

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