What You Can Do

March 17, 2011

Grey clouds hovering
Dissonant thoughts abound
White owl lands on a bough
Whoot! Be Aware! Be Awake!
Drowning in a sea of apathy
What Can You Do?

The hidden focus is lust
Discontent in drag
She comes knocking:
Shiny toys
Eternal youth.

What Can You Do?
Helpless women and children
Victims of wars powered by greed.
Everywhere you look, exploitation.
From gilded towers, edicts from the gods of style
Determine the fortunes of men
Feeding the mill of ‘not enough.’

Like a hungry ghost
A narrow throat
A bottomless belly
Lust has no limits
Lays waste a field of broken dreams
Makes a restless person abandon her path
Strangles the hope for success through effort and hard work.

When Mother Nature stretches her limbs
When sickness and old age come calling
What Can You Do?
Some things you have no control over
With mindfulness we can live in grace
Avoid shifting Tectonic Plates
Caused by craving for more

One air we breathe
Recycled atoms of breath of eons past and future
Nothing is ever destroyed
Joy and sorrow we breed
Sadness is in the air
Loneliness is in the air
We take it personally, an endless cycle.

The soul’s journey is free.
The lessons of life we choose
Are of the partners: Lust and Greed
These two we fail to know
A ripple of indulgence rages into waves of global fate.
Nobody is ever doing anything wrong
Forgive yourself, just learning!

What You Can Do:
Beware the fire of lust
Temper her voracious greed
Be grateful
Practice contentment
Remember Truth
All is impermanent.


1 Alexys Fairfield 03.17.11 at 3:50 pm

Hi Miruh,

How are you? This is powerful prose with striking imagery. When everything has been said and done, all we have to do is remember love.

Great job. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere my friend.

Sending a sonnet of love.

2 Miruh 03.17.11 at 4:47 pm

Hello Alexys,

I am tentative in saying I am back in the blogosphere, perhaps “just dropping in” is more like it. But you never know, when the muse is ready, she can be insistent. 😀

“When everything has been said and done, all we have to do is remember love.” I heard a scientist say in a documentary that all of the universe is made up of particles that are in constant motion fueled by an attraction which he calls love. This is the bottom line isn’t it? We are looking for love.

Thanks for your kind words of support my friend.

May love follow you!

3 Nicole 03.30.11 at 8:07 am


What a beautiful, heart-tugging, eye-opening verse. I feel it.

Peacefully, Nicole

4 Miruh 03.30.11 at 10:16 pm

Hello Nicole,

Glad you like it.

The muse has her moments of intensity rather terse in this one.

What Can I Do? 😀

Deep peace to you!

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