When Old Altars Go Down

April 17, 2012

All about you Altars are going down
Flimsy monuments erected on the sands of pride
Mind the dust from the flying debris
Do not allow it to rob you
Where your inner wealth goes the outer follows

Children of the Sun
Use the clarity of your perception
Do not spare yourself or others
Those who prefer to sweep under the carpet
Do not take kindly to your strong words

Be open
Give your love
Show your truth
Be still while the dust settles
Enter the labyrinths of old

Revision the crystalline shapes
Old faces of your knowing
Unpack the forgotten relics
Odes to wisdom
Place them alongside your trophies learned

In stillness
Use the alchemy of the light of truth
The colour of love
The texture of perseverance
Create the beauty of who you are

Confront the assassins of joy
Take them your crafted gifts
Display the legacy of the sages
That they might re-member
Their birthright to existence as light and love


1 Monica Junck 04.17.12 at 6:11 pm

Beautiful… ” be still while the dust settles…Place them alongside the trophies you learned…” So much you have said. So much worth pondering. Thank you.

2 Miruh 04.17.12 at 9:01 pm

Hi Monica,

I am glad you like it. Yes, plenty for me here to ponder as well.
Dream images put into verse. Food for contemplation in the waking dream. :)
I appreciate your kind comment.
Deep peace to you!

3 Diana Wood 04.18.12 at 3:21 pm

A poem written with wisdom and love.

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