Who I Am

March 7, 2013

Society has taught me well
I try to please you
Tell me who I am
Endlessly waiting for you

Your responses
Lost in the cacophony
A thousand drowning voices
All clamoring for my attention
To tell me who I am

Wading through the mist
Mingling with fellow masqueraders
Reconstructing memories
None of it is really
Who I am

How do I know
Which projections are real
When concepts I constructed
Erode before my naive immunity

Shattered illusions dissolve
Trusting opportunites
Grasping at ephemeral causes
Explaining who I am

I am not the stories I weave
The layers of effects of my actions
The images you hold of me
Seasoned expectations of delivery

The truth of who I am
Lies deeper
In an ocean of stillness
In the depths of clarity.